The University offers a wide variety of admissions scholarships to new students who have attained outstanding academic or non-academic performance.

To attract the brightest and best students, we offer top-up scholarships to students admitted to the Faculty of Social Science.
Details of the 2018 scholarship arrangement is shown below:

Admissions Scholarship for GSAT candidates

GSAT Total Point Award Amount in HKD Equivalent Amount in NTD (approx)
74-75 $50,000 $186,950
73 $37,500 $140,200
71-72 $25,000 $93,500
70 $15,000 $56,100
69 $10,000 $37,400


– Performance in admissions interview, if any, will be considered. Our Faculty reserves the final decision in approving the scholarship award.
– There is no need for students to apply for the Scholarships administered by the Faculty of Social Science.
Our Faculty will identify qualified new students and inform the selected students of the scholarship offers.