The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change is a three-week summer programme organized by Salzburg Global Seminar. It gathers over 70 university-level students, 15 faculty, and visiting practitioners from five continents to critique and create media’s role in identifying, framing and solving local and global problems. The Academy is premised on providing the following opportunities to its participants:

  • Students will join a global student body of emerging leaders in media fields around the world, learning from diverse faculty, and integrating into a global community like few others.
  • Faculty will join a network of active researchers and teachers, producing scholarship that pushes the boundaries of thinking into global spaces.
  • All participants will become part of Salzburg Global Seminar’s network of over 26,000 living alumni, and 15 partner schools, that actively engage in strategic partnerships and projects across all disciplines, across the world.


The BIG Idea is:

  • The Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change should not be seen as simply a student study abroad program, but a core part of a new innovation space that explores media literacy & global change.
  • Students and faculty will have the chance to lead global research projects, involving in year round explorations on media literacy, engaged citizenship, and global participation.


Programme Format

Students participate in skill-enhancing workshops and intense small group discussions; attend expert-led lectures; and ultimately develop case studies, innovative strategies, and media tools with the goal of creating real life impact in their local and global communities.

Please click HERE for the 2018 arrangement.