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The CUHK-NCKU Joint Research Centre for Positive Social Science (C-POSS) is established with the National Cheng Kung University with an aim to cultivate and flourish an innovative and integrative positive social science that promotes community rebuilding, empowerment and rejuvenation, civic virtues, and personal and collective well-being. It aspires to be a global champion in theoretical, methodological, and applied research in positive social science, as well as a leading institution in the training of thought leaders in the field.

The Faculty also has an array of research centres specializing in interdisciplinary research of the highest quality. Please click here for more details.


What's New

Social Science rebuilds the world and the people ... >>
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Apply for the McDonnell Scholars Graduate Fellowship ... >>
Webinar Series on E-Mentoring: From Local to Global: Careers in Data Science and Public Issues ... >>
Prof Mei-Po Kwan received 2021 AAG Wilbanks Prize for Transformational Research in Geography ... >>
Prof Kwan Mei Po awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2020-21! ... >>
Prof Huang Bo awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2020-21! ... >>
Prof Wei Ran awarded One-off Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)! ... >>
Prof Fanny Cheung awarded Denmark-Gunvald Award ... >>
In Memory of Professor Tunney F. Lee (1931-2020), Founding Chair of School of Architecture ... >>
Hard Brexit more damaging for the UK than the EU, says Dr. James F. Downes ... >>
Analysis for the leading Spanish Newspaper El País on populism in Europe by Dr. James Downes ... >>
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“Class Acts” - CUHK Online Talk Series ... >>
The EU is facing a serious crisis. It's funding the same people who wish to wreck it ... >>
Whither Shall We Go? - Tong Yuying reveals the dynamics of internal migration in China ... >>
The Master’s Degree 2018-2019 Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Social Science ... >>
Report on 'Public Attitudes towards LGBT+ Legal Rights in Hong Kong 2019/20' ... >>
Prof Michael Hudson - De-Dollarization – Toward the End of U.S. Monetary Hegemony? ... >>
Playing with Creativity ... >>
Difficult to see if Boris Johnson can deliver the Brexit he wants ... >>
[Video Review] “The Pursuit of Wisdom” Public Lecture Series - Mindset and Success: the Psychology of a Flourishing Life ... >>
International Conference to Inaugurate a Global Regulatory Governance ... >>
Prof Carlos Lo and other experts explain why it makes good business sense to focus on environmental, social and corporate governance practices ... >>
Appreciation Achievement Award Celebration 2018 ... >>
CUHK top winner of newspaper awards ... >>
CUHK Faculty of Social Science Launches Undergraduate Programme in Data Science and Policy Studies ... >>
CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions ... >>
Anthony Fung: Beyond Skin-deep Beauty ... >>
Visions of the Future ... >>
Meet CUHK’s Next Generation ... >>
“Live to Flourish: The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology” CUHK Launches New Course to Help Students Build Character Strengths and Boost Resilience ... >>
Intercultural Dialogue on Urban Development ... >>
CUHK Faculty of Social Science and HKJC Drive the JC-PEAR Project To Establish a New Education Paradigm that Promotes Intellectual Growth and Psychological Well-being ... >>
CUHK Develops Real-time Air Quality Mobile Application Receives the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018 ... >>
Beyond the Binary: Gender Studies Programme ... >>
CUHK Team Builds the Longest Bamboo Bridge in Rural Mainland ... >>
Prof. Francis Lee as a Director ... >>
Appreciation Achievement Award Celebration 2017 ... >>
Prof. Catherine McBride's team awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2017-18! ... >>
Location-based Pedagogy Reshapes the Landscape for Learning ... >>
CUHK Summer Institute ... >>
Glimpses of Truth through Graphs and Charts ... >>
Sense and Sustainability ... >>
The Scorching Truth ... >>
Prefabrication : The Arts and Sciences of Piecing Things Together ... >>
How Ng Mee-kam has helped revive a Hong Kong hawker market ... >>
Master’s Degree (2016-2017) Graduation Ceremony ... >>
Let Bygones Be Not Bygones - ‘We Toast HK’ Retells Hong Kong History on Social Media ... >>
CUHK Rural Architectural Project Wins Top International Award First Hong Kong Team To Receive ‘the Oscar of Architecture’ ... >>
Varsity and U-Beat Students Scooped 35 Prizes in 2017 Campus Newspaper Awards ... >>
CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions concludes successfully ... >>
CUHK Professor Junsen Zhang receives the “Sun Yefang Economic Science Award” Research article on the relation of China’s Population Control Policies to Human Capital Investment ... >>
A leader who makes a difference with a positive attitude: Professor Chiu Chi-yue ... >>
UGC honours academics' outstanding teaching performance ... >>
CUHK’s Sustainable and Anti-seismic Earth House Won International Architectural House Award ... >>
Fung Tung-Eight Years of Piloting Campus Sustainability ... >>
Crowdsourced Data Fusion for a Liveable Future ... >>
Retired Professor Agnes Ng reunions with old friends of Social Work Department ... >>
Class of 2016 celebrated their mastery of learning: Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony ... >>
Prof. Mee Kam NG elected Fellow of Academy of Social Science (UK) ... >>
“Magic Carpet: Re-envisioning Community Space in To Kwa Wan” by School of Architecture & School of Journalism and Communication ... >>
Prof Edward Ng and Architecture student build first modern bamboo bridge in rural mainland ... >>
Dou Pavilion by Prof Zhu Jingxiang becomes spotlight at 2016 Venice Biennale ... >>
Outstanding Social Work Students Scholarship is awarded to our student ... >>
Prof Jack Qiu is on cover interview of Media Asia ... >>
2016 LGBT Advocacy Award is presented to Gender Research Centre and EOC ... >>
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Prof Peter A. Diamond delivers 'Good Pension Design' lecture ... >>

Actionable Social Knowledge

Hong Kong could get less polluted winter thanks to El Niño, as weather effect brings less mainland Chinese smog ... >>
How seniors embrace digital life ... >>
Air Pollution In China Is Killing 1 Million People And Causing Chinese Economy To Lose 267 Billion Yuan Every Year ... >>
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Hong Kong has the 2022 Gay Games. Life for China’s LGBTI people may improve at last ... >>
Crossing borders and mixing cultures spark innovation; students must learn to think ‘outside the box’ ... >>
Wind corridors help cities breathe, but are not a substitute for cutting China’s pollution ... >>
Stressed Hong Kong workers can find mental well-being with web-based behavioural training ... >>
Food, shelter, smartphones: Why technology is important for refugees ... >>
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