Books of Honor

The Books of Honor scheme is to honor the achievement of our academic staff.
The honorees are faculty members who receive Exemplary Teaching Award,
Research Excellence Award and Research Mentorship Award, as well as
retired or retiring colleagues whose contributions have left a deep
impression in the CUHK legacy. 

Each honoree is invited to choose a book for Library collections and author
an enlightening message on how the chosen book has inspired his/her
academic career. These selections are book-plated in their honor, and
stand as a reminder now and into the future of the remarkable
accomplishment of our faculty members.

 This book has been recognized as ‘one of the greatest sociological treatises of the twentieth century’. It forms the foundation of my sociological imagination. The book provides the definitions of basic sociological concepts, develops complex typologies for the analysis of social phenomena, and demonstrates the use of sociological methods for historical comparative analyses. 

*Prof. Choi is the winner of Research Excellence Award 2016-17


*Prof. Chow is the winner of Exemplary Teaching Award 2017

A must-read for any aspiring architect, Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead” has always remained a unique, yet controversial source of energetic, motivational, and optimistic inspiration that highlights the powerful societal contributions creative original thought can bring through Architecture, its most influential but challenging expressive medium.

*Prof. Crolla is the winner of Exemplary Teaching Award 2017

An eye-opening monograph that transcends the realm of traditional geographical analysis in the wake of the quantitative revolution in Geography. An inspiration that stimulates me to push boundary and break new grounds in my research throughout my professional career. 

*Prof. Leung is a Research Professor 2017-18

Prof. Stephen Chiu, our former sociology professor, introduced this comic to me. It’s a comic about the funny stories of an economics professor. But the real story was how much a woman loved his dad, to the point that she had to come up with a comic book series about him. How would I feel if my daughter does that to me?

*Prof. Ng is the winner of Exemplary Teaching Award 2017

This book inspires us to co-develop a good society that allows everyone to survive well and equitably, distributes surplus to enrich social and environmental health, exchanges to support one another’s well-being, consumes sustainably, cares to maintain, replenish and grow our natural and cultural commons, and invests to nourish future generations. 

*Prof. Ng is the winner of Research Excellence Award 2016-17

Professor Gary Becker created the family economics field for which he authored the masterpiece “A Treatise on the Family” and received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1992. Becker was one of the first economists to branch into what were traditionally considered topics that belonged to sociology, including racial discrimination, crime, family organization, and drug addiction. This book inspired my research on family economics since my graduate study about 30 years ago and it has remained my main research agenda in my entire career. It helped me nurture over 50 graduate students at CUHK.

*Prof. Zhang is the winner of Research Mentorship Award 2017