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Hong Kong could get less polluted winter thanks to El Niño, as weather effect brings less mainland Chinese smog ... >>
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Air Pollution In China Is Killing 1 Million People And Causing Chinese Economy To Lose 267 Billion Yuan Every Year ... >>
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Social Science rebuilds the world and the people ... >>
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Apply for the McDonnell Scholars Graduate Fellowship ... >>
Webinar Series on E-Mentoring: From Local to Global: Careers in Data Science and Public Issues ... >>
Prof Mei-Po Kwan received 2021 AAG Wilbanks Prize for Transformational Research in Geography ... >>
Prof Kwan Mei Po awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2020-21! ... >>
Prof Huang Bo awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2020-21! ... >>
Prof Wei Ran awarded One-off Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)! ... >>
Prof Fanny Cheung awarded Denmark-Gunvald Award ... >>
In Memory of Professor Tunney F. Lee (1931-2020), Founding Chair of School of Architecture ... >>
Hard Brexit more damaging for the UK than the EU, says Dr. James F. Downes ... >>
Analysis for the leading Spanish Newspaper El País on populism in Europe by Dr. James Downes ... >>
Selected student projects from the School of Architecture (2019-20, Term 2) ... >>
Prof. Yiu-tung Suen Invited by World Bank to Speak for a Joint IDAHOTB Commemoration ... >>
The book talk - History of Relations between China and Japan delivered by Prof. Ezra F. Vogel ... >>
“Class Acts” - CUHK Online Talk Series ... >>
The EU is facing a serious crisis. It's funding the same people who wish to wreck it ... >>
Whither Shall We Go? - Tong Yuying reveals the dynamics of internal migration in China ... >>
The Master’s Degree 2018-2019 Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Social Science ... >>
Report on 'Public Attitudes towards LGBT+ Legal Rights in Hong Kong 2019/20' ... >>
Prof Michael Hudson - De-Dollarization – Toward the End of U.S. Monetary Hegemony? ... >>
Playing with Creativity ... >>
Difficult to see if Boris Johnson can deliver the Brexit he wants ... >>
[Video Review] “The Pursuit of Wisdom” Public Lecture Series - Mindset and Success: the Psychology of a Flourishing Life ... >>
International Conference to Inaugurate a Global Regulatory Governance ... >>
Prof Carlos Lo and other experts explain why it makes good business sense to focus on environmental, social and corporate governance practices ... >>
Appreciation Achievement Award Celebration 2018 ... >>
CUHK top winner of newspaper awards ... >>
CUHK Faculty of Social Science Launches Undergraduate Programme in Data Science and Policy Studies ... >>
CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions ... >>
Anthony Fung: Beyond Skin-deep Beauty ... >>
Visions of the Future ... >>
Meet CUHK’s Next Generation ... >>
“Live to Flourish: The Science and Practice of Positive Psychology” CUHK Launches New Course to Help Students Build Character Strengths and Boost Resilience ... >>
Intercultural Dialogue on Urban Development ... >>
CUHK Faculty of Social Science and HKJC Drive the JC-PEAR Project To Establish a New Education Paradigm that Promotes Intellectual Growth and Psychological Well-being ... >>
CUHK Develops Real-time Air Quality Mobile Application Receives the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018 ... >>
Beyond the Binary: Gender Studies Programme ... >>
CUHK Team Builds the Longest Bamboo Bridge in Rural Mainland ... >>
Prof. Francis Lee as a Director ... >>
Appreciation Achievement Award Celebration 2017 ... >>
Prof. Catherine McBride's team awarded Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) 2017-18! ... >>
Location-based Pedagogy Reshapes the Landscape for Learning ... >>
CUHK Summer Institute ... >>
Glimpses of Truth through Graphs and Charts ... >>
Sense and Sustainability ... >>
The Scorching Truth ... >>
Prefabrication : The Arts and Sciences of Piecing Things Together ... >>
How Ng Mee-kam has helped revive a Hong Kong hawker market ... >>
Master’s Degree (2016-2017) Graduation Ceremony ... >>
Let Bygones Be Not Bygones - ‘We Toast HK’ Retells Hong Kong History on Social Media ... >>
CUHK Rural Architectural Project Wins Top International Award First Hong Kong Team To Receive ‘the Oscar of Architecture’ ... >>
Varsity and U-Beat Students Scooped 35 Prizes in 2017 Campus Newspaper Awards ... >>
CUHK Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions concludes successfully ... >>
CUHK Professor Junsen Zhang receives the “Sun Yefang Economic Science Award” Research article on the relation of China’s Population Control Policies to Human Capital Investment ... >>
A leader who makes a difference with a positive attitude: Professor Chiu Chi-yue ... >>
UGC honours academics' outstanding teaching performance ... >>
CUHK’s Sustainable and Anti-seismic Earth House Won International Architectural House Award ... >>
Fung Tung-Eight Years of Piloting Campus Sustainability ... >>
Crowdsourced Data Fusion for a Liveable Future ... >>
Retired Professor Agnes Ng reunions with old friends of Social Work Department ... >>
Class of 2016 celebrated their mastery of learning: Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony ... >>
Prof. Mee Kam NG elected Fellow of Academy of Social Science (UK) ... >>
“Magic Carpet: Re-envisioning Community Space in To Kwa Wan” by School of Architecture & School of Journalism and Communication ... >>
Prof Edward Ng and Architecture student build first modern bamboo bridge in rural mainland ... >>
Dou Pavilion by Prof Zhu Jingxiang becomes spotlight at 2016 Venice Biennale ... >>
Outstanding Social Work Students Scholarship is awarded to our student ... >>
Prof Jack Qiu is on cover interview of Media Asia ... >>
2016 LGBT Advocacy Award is presented to Gender Research Centre and EOC ... >>
Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences Prof Peter A. Diamond delivers 'Good Pension Design' lecture ... >>