Prof Wei Ran awarded One-off Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)!

Congratulations to Prof. Wei Ran on receiving the one-off Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Coronavirus and Novel Infectious Diseases Research Exercise!

Administered by the RGC, the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) aims to encourage research groups in the UGC-funded universities to engage in collaborative research across disciplines and/or across universities, with a view to enhancing the research output of universities in terms of attainment, quantity, dimension and/or impact. CRF is one of the most competitive research grants in Hong Kong, the awarded project has gone through vigorous review process. 

Project Title Coordinating University / Collaborating University(ies) Amount Awarded
(Mis)communication, Trust, and Information Environments : A Comparative Study of the COVID-19 “Infodemics” in Four Chinese Societies CUHK / CityU, HKBU HK$3,067,301


Source: https://www.ugc.edu.hk/eng/rgc/funding_opport/crf/funded%20research/20-21.html