Research Highlights


International migration has been a major issue for many countries. Most conventional studies assume immigration to be the movement of an individual or family from one place to another. However, recent trends suggest more complicated patterns of human movement. With the emergence of new immigration patterns and global migration trends, there is an urgent call for comparative studies on international migration. The findings of the project will serve as basis to compare findings in Europe and North America and to develop an Asian perspective on these issues. By mapping the different patterns of human migration, it is hoped to redraw the contours of immigration research and redefine the scope of study.

Three sets of study will be included in this project:

  • migrant domestic helpers in Hong Kong;
  • social integration of migrants from China and their relationship with local residents; and
  • development of a theoretical framework for understanding migration issues in China

Principal Investigator: Prof Eric Fong


The natural and built environment may directly and indirectly impact on human spatial competency which in turn affects our state of physical and mental well-being. This project examines the relationship between the natural and built environment, its impacts on the spatial competency and state of well-being of different social groups. It is anticipated that the research findings can provide crucial evidence to the right to the city and spatial justice debates in future city development, as well as to help operationalize sustainable development and offer concrete suggestions to urban design, planning and policy making. The study will advance the frontier of multidisciplinary research in this field of investigation.

Principal Investigator: Prof Leung Yee

Youth Studies

Hong Kong youth issues, culture and identity are widely discussed topics in public sphere, government and media today. Policy makers are facing the challenging task of formulating public policies to cope with the changing youth scene. However, there is currently no long term study to systematically understand Hong Kong youth which is admittedly recognized influential in the society of Hong Kong. By studying the data of Hong Kong youth on various aspects, e.g. youth identity, youth subculture and consumption, political culture and participation, social psychology of youth, deviance and anti-social behaviors, this project aims to serve the role of academic inquiry in the above areas and public policy for youth in Hong Kong.

Principal Investigator: Prof Anthony Fung